Not Your Mother’s Women’s Studies Course

July 10, 2014

Is it possible to get a balanced education when it comes to women, history, and policy on college campuses? The 2014 graduation season suggests not—Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s invitation to speak at Brandeis University was rescinded because some students objected to her views, Condoleezza Rice withdrew as the commencement speaker at Rutgers University after leftist students and faculty protested honoring the former Secretary of State under George W. Bush, and IMF Chief Christine Lagarde withdrew from speaking at Smith College after a student petition condemned her for her alleged role in “strengthening of imperialist and patriarchal systems that oppress and abuse women worldwide.”

Too many traditional academic institutions seem to have given up entirely on the idea of free speech and the value of a diversity of opinions. Fortunately, there are new options for students who want alternative viewpoints and to learn to think critically about these topics:  They can take an online course launching this month—Sex, Lies and Women’s Studies.