Ladies, don’t be fooled by Cosmo

September 5, 2014

From the wardrobe to the bedroom, Cosmopolitan magazine is known for offering women advice about the most intimate aspects of their lives. But the magazine has found a new aspect of women’s lives they’d like to shape—their decisions in the voting booth.

Cosmopolitan: yes, the magazine with headlines such as, “It’s Sex O’Clock! The Time He Wants You Most,” “7 Days to Gorgeous Skin,” and “Best. Sex. Ever. #HellYeah!” (all from the September 2014 issue), announced yesterday that it will be endorsing candidates for the first time on record. Politico, which broke the story, concludes that, “The Cosmo endorsement criteria fall squarely into the liberal camp—equal pay, pro-choice, pro-birth control coverage, anti-restrictive voter-ID laws.”