Making a College Prep Checklist? Get Ready for the Campus Thought-Police

September 5, 2015

It is that time of the year when young adults are heading off to college. For parents, it is time to help students prepare for campus life. Bed Bath & Beyond publishes its “Campus Checklist” complete with 125 boxes for college students to check off to make sure they have everything they need for college. From mattress pads to door mirrors and shower totes, the store provides a handy guide to ensuring that college students enjoy all of the creature comforts while living on campus.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a handy list to help students prepare for the real challenges that they will face on today’s college campuses – from navigating the social scene to maintaining a focus on academics, which is becoming an afterthought on too many campuses. One big challenge that most students probably aren’t prepared for is the lack of intellectual diversity on American college campuses and specifically the problem that saying the wrong thing might make them a target of the campus thought-police.