Don’t Buy Into The Gender Pay Gap Myth

April 12, 2016

Earlier this semester, I spoke to a group of 70 undergraduate women at Harvard, where I am spending the semester. I asked this group of college women if they believed they would get paid 78 cents on the dollar compared to men just because they were women. A majority of the women raised their hands.

To have been admitted to Harvard, these young women had distinguished themselves from the smartest, most talented and most dedicated of their high school peers. This spring, Harvard admitted only 2,037 of the more than 39,041 students who applied to be part of the class of 2020—or 5.2%.

The popular notion outside of Cambridge is that Harvard undergraduates, including the young women I met with, hit the jackpot when it comes to post-college opportunities. And many doors will be open to them in the future that won’t be open to less pedigreed or credentialed job applicants.