The 2016 Playbook For Young Voters

April 25, 2016

On Tuesday, voters in five states will hold primaries, and the results will likely move Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and businessman Donald Trump closer to their respective party nominations. That may be good news for Democrats, judging by a newly released poll of young voters showing a strong majority favors Clinton over the real estate magnate for the White House.

This morning, Harvard’s Institute of Politics, where I am currently a resident fellow, released the latest results of its ongoing survey of young voters. According to interviews of 3,183 Americans aged 18 to 29, 61% of likely voters would vote for Clinton if the election was held that day, while only 25% would support Trump and 14% were unsure. Overall, 61% of respondents favored maintaining the Democratic Party’s control of the White House to 33% hoping for a Republican. The divide between party preferences has nearly doubled in the past year from a 15 point divide.

For Republicans already nervous about the GOP’s prospects come November, the Institute of Politics poll data adds to concerns that Trump and other Republican candidates are struggling to appeal to millennials. And for Clinton and her supporters, the survey adds to their bullish outlook for the fall’s election.