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Karin speaks and debates frequently on the benefits of conservatism, women and politics, and the policy challenges millennials face. She has given speeches at high schools, campuses across the country, Republican women’s club meetings, and various national conferences.

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Speech Topics

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Feminism and Conservatism: Dividing Lines and Possibilities for Unity

  • This speech opens with a description of the creation of NeW, a book club for conservative college women, continues with a discussion of the 19th Amendment and Equal Rights Amendment and closes with a proposal for areas of possible unity in policy among feminist and conservative women.

Debunking the War on Women

  • This speech opens with a discussion of The Life of Julia infographic from the 2012 election, which shows differing views of the role of government in the lives of women. It then dives into different policy proposals put forth by conservatives and liberals and evaluates the impact of those policies on women.

Millennials, There’s More to ObamaCare than Staying on Your Parents’ Healthcare until Age 26

All the Single Ladies: The Policy Battles to Win Young women

Higher Education Gone Wild: Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces, and Title 9