“Since becoming involved in NeW, I listened to Karin Agness speak on many issues facing women in the modern age several times. She consistently confronts issues like the wage gap, free speech, public health care, and public day care with a different perspective than which I am usually exposed to on campus. Specifically, Karin inspired me while discussing the so-called wage gap, for I never considered the way in which the data was being interpreted by those researching the issue. Karin encouraged women to dig deeper into the statistics, and that is exactly what I did.”

-Krista Chavez from American University


“It was an honor for NeW at Florida State University to host Karin Agness.  Her talk on issues facing the millennial generation such as rising healthcare costs and equal pay drew over ninety students.  Karin is uniquely qualified to to speak on these issues as she herself is a millennial.  I thoroughly enjoy listening to Karin each time I hear her speak, and I can not wait to hear her speak again soon!”

-Elizabeth Bradford, Florida State University


“Karin Agness stands up for females in the conservative movement. Hearing her speak about millennials and the role we, as college students, play in politics and the future of our nation was inspiring. She has constantly reminded our conservative group at UNC that women do play an important and crucial part in the conservative movement and that, as millennials, our voice matters”.

-Emma Harrison from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


“Karin Agness embodies the inherent potential of all female leaders, both conservative and otherwise. Her ability to engage, inspire, and mobilize young women is a clear demonstration of her mentorship and direction. At the time a new member of the American University chapter of Network of Enlightened Women, I first heard Karin speak at the Ten Year Anniversary celebration of the organization. Hearing Karin talk so passionately about her journey with the organization and her vision for the future of conservative women was a confirmation that Network of Enlightened Women was an empowering and supportive community for me as a student and aspiring young professional. At the root of all of Karin’s speeches is the notion that women are not victims, as they are often portrayed in the media, but rather a strong and able majority. By speaking to young women, Karin empowers both students and professionals alike to take responsibility for themselves and be self-starters in their communities. Karin has been a leading inspiration in my professional and personal development as a young conservative. Her mentorship has led to me serve on the executive board of American University’s NeW chapter and has encouraged me to be vocal about conservative issues.”

-Rebecca Malone from American University